Retail is about to
change—for good.
The world may have changed in the past fifty years, but the way we shop hasn’t.

Same Old Story

Even with power of the internet at our disposal, retail is still set up to benefit whoever sells the product—not the people who make it, or the customers who buy it.

Common “Promises”
“direct to consumer”
“We Cut out the middleman”
"Democratizing Luxury"

The reality is that most brands that say they’re “direct-to-consumer” aren’t—because if they were, those same brands wouldn’t exist.

Changing the Game

Modern “direct-to-consumer” brands may have disrupted things a little, but they haven’t reinvented retail: They still buy their product from a manufacturer, put their brand name on it, and sell it to you for more than they paid. 

So how do we give people access to the best products at their true cost? The answer turns out to be pretty easy: Take the brand out of the equation.

We Source, You Save

Italic Black is a new way of shopping, one that gives you the same advantages that brands have had for years, connecting you to high quality manufacturers and letting you shop at factory prices. 

Retail has always been about access, with brands using inflated prices to control who can buy their products. But we think that high-quality, beautifully designed pieces have a real-world value, so we created a way to sell them at realistic prices.

Members are granted access to Italic’s full range of high-end products, made by the same factories that make your favorite pieces, but sold at cost. That means that you’ll only pay for the product itself and any fulfillment fees (like packaging, warehousing, and shipping). There’s no high-end branding to pay for, and no retailer looking to make a profit. Just the perfect pieces, at the perfect price, always.

Welcome to Italic.

Jeremy Cai, CEO